Becareful on Facebook

So recently, I was on Facebook and I noticed some of my friends liking “SEE WHO VIEWED YOUR FACEBOOK PROFILE!! on Facebook Profile Spy.” Curious, I clicked on the link assuming it would take me to some Facebook App, but instead it opened a new web browser window to a site named, which I immediately closed. From that I knew my computer might have been infected by malware. Before I could attempt to run a virus or spyware scan, Microsoft Security Essentials displayed a pop-up stating it found a Trojan virus, Exploit:Win32/Pdfjsc.GG. I removed it and ran a full scan again to ensure all components of the malware were removed.

Becareful on Facebook

According to Facebook, there’s no way to see who has visited your profile. They also prevented others from providing this functionality. They are working hard to block and remove websites, Pages, and applications that claim to do this. If you see one, don’t be fooled. Besides, other malware sites that are baiting Facebook users are,, and If your friends share or like these links, do not click on them and warn your friends that they are fake. They should also run a security scan on their computer.

If you clicked on a link that led you to and you are on a Windows PC, I highly suggest you run a virus and spyware scan. If you only have an antivirus program, make sure you also install an antispyware program, because not all antivirus programs can detect Trojans, you can learn more here.

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  • my desk top has this anti virus scam on it and it will not let me into anything saying everything is infected. so how do i download your product on it without being blocked by them

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