How To Change Proxy Settings

Some of the more clever spyware infections will hijack Internet Explorer and change your proxy settings so that you are always redirected to the spyware’s website. It does not matter if you perform a manual or automatic spyware removal, you need to fix the proxy settings yourself. In addition, these steps will enable you to download the necessary files/programs needed to perform a removal. Here are the steps you need to follow to fix your proxy settings:

1.) Open Internet Explorer Options
Start Internet Explorer and click on the Tools option button. Then select Internet Options as shown here:

Internet Explorer Tool Options
2.) Change Lan Settings
Click on the Connections tab and choose Lan Settings as shown here:
Internet Explorer Lan Settings
3.) Uncheck Proxy Setting
Uncheck the box Use a proxy server for your Lan and click OK:
Internet Explorer Proxy Settings
Your Internet Explorer proxy settings are now back to normal.
If you are unsure why your proxy settings changed in the first place, a spyware scan is highly recommended.

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4 comments to How To Change Proxy Settings

  • Thank you for the Proxy tip…I was really confused about that….Another Tip is to Use C cleaner to stop it from starting…..Reboot..Quickly click on C cleaner..on side Tools…Then Start up…A list of programs will come up..All youre normal programs will have normal names like winamp avg and doesnt name its self..mine was aa44b4 or something like that…look for something that doesnt have a name or looks like what you want on youre comp and press disable and then delete….REMEMBER THIS WILL NOT DELETE will only stop it from starting when youre comp starts. So if this can not start it will not beable to stop you opening all youre things on youre desk top….then reset again and it should pop and not be seen in the tool bar..but it is there in the back ground..C cleaner youre personal bouncer has stoped it from opening up…Now you can use a program to kill it..SpyWare Doctor is the best And found it The first go…i had to pay for mine but it was worth it….OH !!! By the way AVG free did nothing while is was hit by this …tut tut !!!!

  • Pat Nugent

    I found your informatioin useful. I solved a client’s malware problem with a combination of your info and some other programs.

  • @Holden: This is a good example of why having anti-virus alone is not a good idea. To fully protect your PC, both anti-virus and a spyware blocker are needed. Check out the article: “Spyware Infection Happens To The Best Of Us”

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