How to Kill Processes

In this tutorial, you will learn how to kill malicious processes using Windows task manager. In order for any program to run it has to load up into your computer’s memory. As a result, a process is started in Windows. Therefore every running program in Windows is represented by a main process. If the process is killed, the program stops running. In general, you only need to kill a process if the program has stopped responding and you want to free the occupied memory without restarting Windows. However, in the case of malicious software such as spyware, malware, and adware you may need to kill the associated process in order to manually remove the infection from your computer. Here are the neccessary steps to kill a malicious process:

1.) Start Windows Task Manager
Press the following key combination: CTRL+ALT+DEL or CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. This will open the Windows Task Manager. If the Windows Task Manager immediately closes then you need to follow this tutorial: Fix Can’t Open Task Manager.

2.) Locate the Process
Once the Windows Task Manager is started, click on the Processes tab. The name of all the processes that are currently running are shown in the left column under Image Name. Using your mouse left click on the process you want to kill; the process will now be highlighted. Here is a screenshot of the Windows Task Manager:

Windows Task Manager

3.) End the Process
With the process now highlighted, press the “End Process” button on the Windows Task Manager. The process will now be killed.

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11 comments to How to Kill Processes

  • Praju

    Thank you so much for the tutorial on how to open taskmgr alternately :)

  • Becky

    I have the Antivirus Live problem. I wasn’t able to do anything until I changed taskmgr to iexplore. I was able to kill the process and setup the removal tool, and it is updating the SpyDoctor now. I think it will work. Thanks soooo much!

  • I have been battling Security Tool for several days and have been extremely irritated by its interference on my computer. They should be punished for this and eleminated from continuing.

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  • T

    I dont know which processes to kill in the task manager, any help?

    @T: Please let us know what spyware has infected your computer. Another option is to 1.) Boot into Windows Safe Mode with Networking 2.) Download and install Spyware Doctor 3.) Update the threat database and do a scan. The scan will tell you what files need to be deleted and what spyware infection you have.

  • russ

    thanks for showing me how this helped alot and got rid of it =) i thank you alot and now my computer runs better thanks again

  • artisha

    I have the vista guardian and I am trying to remove it which task do i end when I am in task manager?

    @artisha: Vista Guardian is the same spyware as Win 7 Antispyware 2010; you need to end the av.exe process. Learn more about removing Vista Guardian/Win 7 Antispyware 2010 here.

  • After getting hit with this Personal security crap….I followed a computer friend of mine’s advice. Hit “F 8″ upon startup to put your computer in safe mode, use the techniques as stated above to kill processes, Instead, you will find “Personal Security” in the background while the task manager is running. End this process. Go to your system files, find the Personal security file, delete it. Go to your program list on your start page, delete Personal Security also there. ALL THIS WHILE IN SAFE MODE!!!!! Once you have deleted it in all areas, then restart your computer, and it should come back up normally. And as for the idiot’s that came up with it, F@#$K Y!@*U!!!

  • YAM

    i can’t open Task Manager Please help

  • joy

    recently,my pc was attacked by a security shield malware…all applications was defected,i cant access to internet according to the scanner,i have 22 viruses,malware and spyware detected by the order to remove all ds,i need to purchase a license from dr site…. i use my phone to search that web who have license, but fortunately i found this site that help me to remove that malware…now i can use my pc normally…tnx for this site for a great help! for the programer of that malware,thyr very good in convincing people but dont use ther intellegence properly but to destroy othrs..once again.thank u!

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